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Tomb Raider is a series that is centric on one thing: Lara Croft is a chick with short shorts and a pretty large rack. Of course, that’s just the general consensus of it back when gaming was a simpler time where a game where you run around killing turtles as a plumber was an acceptable concept for gaming. So as time went on, people grew less interested in Lara Croft because her games weren’t as enjoyable as they had been. They simply didn’t find the appeal in a badass hot chick any longer since they were all over games now. Lara simply wasn’t so special any longer. So Eidos made a call to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise in order to boost sales and try telling an original story. Most critics enjoyed it, and I would say I enjoyed it to. However, there’s a lot to discuss about whether or not they succeeded in created a solid female protagonist now. (This article will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.) (more…)

If you were to ask anyone about Final Fantasy VI, one of the first things they would discuss would be Kefka, the game’s antagonist. He’s a stand out in a game with plenty of memorable moments. Some even argue that Kefka is the greatest villain in the entire series and possibly all of gaming. And it isn’t simply because he spouts a series of insane and amusing lines throughout the game; it goes much deeper than that. Kefka is a kind of villain who is able to make a connection to you on a much higher level than most villains in gaming, which is remarkable considering when Final Fantasy VI came out. Kefka didn’t have fully rendered cutscenes, voice acting, and all of the things that help a character stand out from the rest. This clown just had many other clever tricks that were used to make sure you would always remember him.