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The Thor movie has always been so divisive amongst its viewers. Some people hated it, some people thought it was merely alright, and some people loved it. I am personally in the “loving it” camp. I know some people had major problems with the movie and felt like much of it was a little bit out of place or didn’t seem like it really fit alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk. I’m here to let you guys know the exact reason that Thor felt so weird to you though: Shakespeare.  Thor is, in actuality, just a Shakespeare movie. (more…)

The Purge was a very odd movie. I’ll start out by saying I didn’t really dislike it, and I consider it “pretty good” in terms of entertainment. The biggest problem I really have with it is that it is written is such a bizarre way that I can’t really understand why it was done the way it was. I’ll try to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum though, in case anyone has any interest in seeing it.

For those unaware, The Purge is a thriller movie that was produced by Platinum Dunes, a studio who has quite a hit or miss record of horror movies… and Pain & Gain (yeah, I don’t know). The concept is a pretty unique one, where the United States government has decided that the way to fix the country is by allowing the country to commit whatever crimes they want for one night a year only, calling it The Purge. Why the government decided that this is completely fair but won’t let people legally smoke pot boggles my mind, but I’m assuming they’re saving that for the sequel. The idea is that if everyone releases all of their pent up aggression over one night, they won’t commit crimes during the day. (more…)