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Read Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick.  I’m serious. Pick up as many issues of this book as you can and read it. This book is criminally overlooked for the outstandingly fun ride that it takes you on. Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel and current Captain Marvel, is a truly fleshed out character in this book that you can’t help but adore the whole time you follow her adventures. This book is among one of the best out there today in my opinion and I am going to do everything outside of demanding that you read this fabulous title, because it deserves more people to read it. (more…)

Daniel Way’s Deadpool run is left with many people loving or hating it. If you’ve been a fan of the character before, you can kind of understand why. Even though many people think Deadpool has been played out by now, he’s still kept a very large fanbase because the character is rather unique. He’s funny, breaks the fourth wall, and he’s got some pretty twisted morals. Daniel Way had an idea for Deadpool that he wanted to portray, and I don’t think it was particularly bad. I just think there were many missteps that he took in his run of Deadpool that really made people think poorly of it. (more…)

The Thor movie has always been so divisive amongst its viewers. Some people hated it, some people thought it was merely alright, and some people loved it. I am personally in the “loving it” camp. I know some people had major problems with the movie and felt like much of it was a little bit out of place or didn’t seem like it really fit alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk. I’m here to let you guys know the exact reason that Thor felt so weird to you though: Shakespeare.  Thor is, in actuality, just a Shakespeare movie. (more…)

Marvel, you make me sad sometimes. You make an event like Age of Ultron, and it just makes me really sad. I spend my money on your series and you proceed to go in the absolutely incorrect direction with it. Even after reading everything, I just wonder “Why would you make this story?” as my general reaction. I’m not angry about the way Age of Ultron went, but like many other people who read this series I’m just very sad, disappointed, and perplexed about the entire story as a whole.  I think I’ve managed to pin point the exact reasons why I’m so bothered by this story though. There will be spoilers, so avoid reading any further if you care about them (although you shouldn’t). (more…)