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The Green Lantern movie was something that I was beyond excited for. I had fallen in love with Geoff Johns’s Green Lantern run of comics and wanted to see what a Johns driven Green Lantern movie would have done. When I heard that the movie had the biggest budget of any other movie to date, I was even more excited since I believed they were going to go all out to create the wonderful space world of Green Lantern. Unfortunately, Green Lantern didn’t meet the hype; in fact, it’s received quite a negative reception. I was personally very let down by this film, and I feel like they made many missteps in the story. I also feel like going a different direction would have been more effective make a better film. So here I’m going to explain the problems of the movie and then provide my own amateur outline for what I think would have been a more effective movie. (more…)

For one reason or another, I don’t have as much to talk about concerning DC Comics. As I look at my list of comic stuff I want to talk about, I see much more Marvel than DC. I enjoy DC and I feel like I definitely intend to talk about them more, but I just can’t figure out what all to say about them a lot of times. When considering what to first talk about with DC, I thought about the most talked about part of DC nowadays. Soon, I came to realize that the most talked about part of DC is, well, everything concerning DC right now: the New 52, DC’s massive reboot of the entire universe two years ago. This is discussed so much because the New 52 has many good aspects and many bad aspects, which I’ll go ahead and touch upon here. (more…)