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The movie begins with Hal Jordan being a cocky pilot who is hitting on all of the ladies in Ferris Air, only for him to get to Carol. They have a bit of introduction to the character, but Hal isn’t a complete jerk at all and actually gives a crap about his job. It is also shown that Hal Jordan wants to get a date with Carol, but she brushes him off, even though there is chemistry there. During a test flight, Hal shows great courage when something goes wrong or he does something daring. It’s established here that he’s very brave and fearless. After this, he gets the praise of his fellow co-pilots later on in the day and gets ready to leave. When Hal Jordan walks outside, he sees a plane crash and rushes towards it, showing he is definitely willing to help others without hesitation.


You want to root for ordinary guy here.

A green ring finds him and flies into Hal’s hand and Jordan disregards this and instead runs to the direction the ring seemed to come from. He finds where Abin Sur crashed and they have an exchange where he tells Hal Jordan he was chosen to be a protector of the universe because he has the ability to overcome great fear. At the end of the conversation, he tries to say something else, but states “Tell Sinestro… Man…” but passes before he can finish. After this, Hal Jordan uses the ring to escape the police as they investigate the crash. He is able to figure out how he can use the ring to carry Abin Sur’s body away so he can hide it/give him a burial later, showing off that he has to use his will to make it happen. Hal makes it home and putzes around with his ring for a while until he learns to recharge it using his lantern. He goes to sleep eventually and wakes up, late for a flight again. Carol is pissed and asks him what the hell he’s doing and Hal says he has something amazing to tell her about later. Carol rushes Hal off and when Hal is flying in his jet, Sinestro appears and blows it up, but keeps Hal Jordan in a safety bubble.

Hal freaks out and Sinestro explains to him that he’s been told to bring him to Oa. Hal is understandably confused. Here, Sinestro explains to him what is going on when he flies him through space. He explains the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians and everything. They land and Hal is acquainted with many of the Corps on his way to see the Guardians with Sinestro. During this entire time, Hal and Sinestro do not get along due to their clashing personalities and Sinestro being quite a jerk. They are joined by Salaak, the six-armed protocol officer, who offers his own input on the Green Lantern Corps to contrast Sinestro’s attitude and show a more positive side of the Corps. More is explained about the Guardians and whatnot, and the three Green Lanterns chat with the Guardians. They don’t seem concerned with Hal Jordan at all and merely want to have the details of what happened to Abin Sur. Hal offers his story of what happened and then Sinestro is told to go find where Hal put his body by the Guardians and dismissed for now. Salaak, meanwhile, is told to figure out what happened to Abin Sur before he crashed on Earth. Hal is then told by the Guardians that he needs to learn how to use his ring properly and will be training with Kilowog.

Kilowog and Hal Jordan have a big awesome training scene that fades into a montage after Hal shows some promise. Basically, this scene shows off what the ring can do and explains in-depth how it works. Meanwhile, on Earth Sinestro finds Abin Sur’s body and gives a very heartfelt speech about how much he respects him and such. While there, he hears about people trying to find Hal and panicking over his disappearance. Sinestro comes back when Kilowog and Hal are finished with their training and Sinestro and Hal head back to the Guardians again. They talk and tell Hal Jordan that he will be training with the best Lantern they have left, Sinestro. He will take Hal to his planet, Korugar, and show him how to be a proper Green Lantern. Sinestro shows his disgust but lets it slip that people are missing Hal back on Earth. Hal panics and says he needs to go back to Earth and let everyone know he’s alright. The Guardians tell him not to go and Sinestro berates him, but Hal stands up to them and tells them that he’s going anyway. The Guardians just roll their eyes at this and tell Sinestro that when Jordan returns, he can train him.


I never understood how a guys whose name almost sounds like sinister is never thought to be evil as a Green Lantern.

So next, we have Hal returning to Earth and finding Carol. He makes up some bad lies about how he survived the plane crash and Carol is just glad he’s not dead. She and Hal then talk after they have clearly told everyone he has survived. He asks her abstract questions about himself and his ring and the responsibilities he’ll have as a hero, and Carol doesn’t get any of it. Still, she answers them in a subtle way that helps Hal decide he’ll give this thing a real shot. Hal goes to sleep and Sinestro wakes him up the next morning and tells him to get ready, since he wants to get Hal’s training over with. Hal and Sinestro clash some more until Jordan heads to Korugar with Sinestro. He asks Sinestro a little bit about his home planet and Sinestro shows genuine care about it and the people, talking about how he’s lived there his entire life.

However, when Hal gets there he notices people treat Sinestro like a tyrant rather than a benevolent protector. He asks Sinestro why they’re acting like this around him and Sinestro says that they show respect for him. They see criminals causing some sort of mayhem and Sinestro and Hal get to the scene and take them out. Sinestro goes overboard and Hal yells at Sinestro to stop it, even going so far as to block his assault, telling him the guy is down. He and Sinestro go at it verbally and Sinestro eventually tells Hal to quit his arguing and help him take the crooks to a cell. As they head there, Hal continues to see how bad Korugar is and sees the inhumane way the criminals of Korugar are treated, and is thusly disturbed by it. Hal seems to go through the rest of his day with Sinestro before he heads back to Oa.

Hal stops by Salaak’s area and asks him if he found out anything about Abin Sur’s death. Salaak is in the zone and distant when he replies, but does end up saying that Abin Sur was on a mission and was attacked by an army. When Hal asks what kind of army, Salaak just replies that he’s trying to figure that out. Hal then has dinner with many other members of the Corps and he eventually asks them what’s up with Sinestro. They don’t seem to get it and just talk about how he’s a bit rough around the edges sometimes. Hal asks him if they’ve ever seen Korugar and they say they haven’t, but that there’s a reason that it’s the most crime-free sector and that Hal is learning from the best of the best. Hal eventually gets tired of the talking and heads to talk to the Guardians about it, but Sinestro goes to speak to the Guardians since they were summoning him. It turns out that an unidentified force had wrecked one of the planets just outside Sinestro’s sector. Sinestro says he will send a team to investigate it. The Guardians dismiss Sinestro and then Hal when he tries to say anything, not really caring about what he has to say. As Hal is leaving, Salaak rushes past him to talk to the Guardians. He found out the army is headed right where the Guardians sent Sinestro to.


They’re like those bosses you hate, but tiny and blue.

Hal Jordan goes back home to go to sleep while Sinestro and a bunch of Green Lanterns run into none other than an army of the robotic Manhunters led by the Grandmaster. After they are found by Sinestro and his team, Salaak is talking to the Guardians about his other findings about the Manhunters. Salaak is surprised to hear one of the Guardians call them “The Manhunters.”  Sinestro and the others rush to attack the Manhunters after they chant “No man shall escape the Manhunters.” Salaak demands answers from the Guardians, and they comply by explaining their origin: before they made the Green Lantern Corps, they created the Manhunters as emotionless protectors of the universe and said it went poorly. They were thought to have all been deactivated though. Cut back to Sinestro and his team fighting the Manhunters and losing rather badly, due to being surprised by how formidable they are. When Sinestro makes a mayday call after their retreat, some Green Lanterns recover them. The Guardians, however, say that the power of the Green Lanterns pales to the power of the Manhunters to Salaak, closing out the scene.

Hal Jordan is woken up by a phone call from Carol who had apparently been trying to get him to wake up for another flight. He ends up missing it and Carol is angry at him. He tries to apologize, but she’s not having that. Hal tries to calm her down when he gets contacted by Sinestro to report to Oa for an important briefing, as he has ignored the other alerts due to him being asleep. Hal excuses himself from Carol and tells Sinestro to buzz off, arguing with him into his ring. Shortly after, Sinestro appears, saying he knew Hal would play games and takes him to Oa himself. He throws him onto the planet when they get there and the Guardians explain what is going on with the Manhunters. They then say that they are heading to Korugar for reasons unknown. Sinestro is understandably terrified, but maintains his composure and takes the forefront and declares they will take down the Manhunters and explains that they will prevail, hyping up the Green Lanterns.

All of them except Hal Jordan who has Carol Ferris on his mind and tries to sneak away while the Green Lanterns are cheering and Sinestro is giving a speech. Sinestro catches him and demands to know what he’s doing. Hal says he’s going to go back to his planet because he has his own thing going on. Sinestro berates him and goes to attack him before he’s held back by other Lanterns. Sinestro tells Hal that he’s nothing but a weakling and that he doesn’t deserve Abin Sur’s ring, and Hal says that maybe he doesn’t and flies off. The Guardians state they have more important things to worry about and that Hal Jordan will be dealt with after they stop the Manhunters.


Hal and Sinestro: like yellow oil and green water.

Back on Earth, Hal catches up with Carol who is still angry with him. She tells him that he has one more chance, and that if he misses another flight, he’s fired.  Hal is completely fine with this and Carol tells Hal he’s been acting strangely and seems to have something on his mind. Hal vaguely tells Carol about his issues, saying that something very important is going on and that people may need his help. Carol tells him that he should help people if they need it, but Hal says it’s a long way from here. Carol says that it shouldn’t matter and that he should do what his heart tells him, as well as flattering Hal with words about how she knows he’s a good man who would always do the right thing. Hal says that with how far away he has to go, he might not make it back for tomorrow’s flight. Carol tells him just to do what he has to do, then asks Hal what is really going on. Hal uses his ring to shift into his Green Lantern uniform and tells her that he’ll tell her later. He flies away, leaving Carol Ferris shocked.

Hal flies off into space towards Korugar, meanwhile Sinestro is telling his people that they are safe in their hands, but all of the people on Korugar are terrified of the Green Lanterns. Some of them ask Sinestro what is up and he dismisses it as them being afraid of what is to come, but all of the Lanterns sense something is very wrong with Korugar and the way Sinestro treats his people. Eventually, they see the Manhunters start coming towards the planet. A giant fight scene ensues between the Green Lantern Corps and the fight seems even. However, when Kilowog and a few other Lanterns are in trouble, Hal Jordan ends up coming by in time to rescue them with a zippy one-liner. Hal asks them what he can do and we see Hal save a group of people, showing great heroism and gaining some of the admiration of the people of Korugar.

Sinestro is tearing through Manhunters left and right, impassioned to protect his planet. Eventually he notices Hal Jordan and flies over to him, telling him off for showing up after what he did on Oa. They’re about to get into it when Salaak interrupts and tells them they need to focus on the fight. Sinestro ends by telling Hal that when this is over, he’s going to make sure Hal never wears that ring. Salaak then tries to inform them that they need to take out the Grandmaster when he is blasted away from Hal and Sinestro. A few Green Lanterns try to ambush it, only to be blown back as well by the awesome power of the head of the Manhunters.


You can make these things look damn scary with the technology we have today.

The Grandmaster is coming at Hal and Sinestro, and they end up having to work together to fight the Grandmaster who is more than a handful for the both of them. During this time, Hal and Sinestro continue to taunt each other. The fight goes on until the Grandmaster puts his sights on a safe house for the civilians. Hal tells Sinestro that the Grandmaster is going to take out the civilians and Sinestro says that they need to make a sneak attack on him to take him out, since it  may be their only way to destroy it. Hal declares that they’ll die unless they protect them, and Sinestro argues that more may die if they don’t stop the Grandmaster now. Sinestro then devises a sneak attack on Grandmaster when Hal blows him off to protect the people. Hal protects the people, shielding them from a blast that would have surely killed them. Sinestro, meanwhile, makes an attempt on Grandmaster that fails.

Hal returns to the fight and Sinestro tries to argue with Hal, but Jordan tells him to shut up and that they need to take him out. Together, Hal and Sinestro fight the Grandmaster again, with Hal distracting it enough for Sinestro to destroy it. Hal is going to take a breather since the fighting seems like it’s almost died down, but then Sinestro screams at him and tells Hal that he disobeyed him. Hal argues that he almost let those people die, but Sinestro argues that he knew what he was doing. Hal insults Sinestro and tells him off about how he treats these people, with Hal ending on the note of “You say I don’t deserve this ring? You rule these people through fear. You’re nothing but on tyrant!” This ticks Sinestro off enough to attack Hal Jordan.

The two Green Lanterns fight and Sinestro tells him about how everything he’s done has been for the betterment of his sector, how Hal Jordan would never understand what he has to do to maintain it, and that he’s sacrificed so much for his people. Hal is getting his butt kicked for the most part until many of the people start throw stones at Sinestro, telling him to quit attacking Hal since he saved them. Sinestro, completely enraged, loses it and claims that Hal has been turning his own people against him. Using Sinestro’s anger that makes him sloppier at fighting, Hal Jordan is able to come back in the fight. Hal claims that Sinestro doesn’t deserve his ring and that he is fueled by fear and anger, not by the will to protect his people. Hal then deals the finishing blow.


These two fighting will be built up to the point we can’t take it.

A few of the Green Lanterns fly up to Hal and the unconscious Sinestro and tell him that they saw and heard what was happening. They say that Sinestro had completely lost it and has oppressed his sector, and that they’ll take his side when it comes down the Guardians. The Guardians contact Hal through his ring and tell him that he’ll need to explain what happened, having gotten a brief report. Hal argues that he’s going back to his planet because he has a something he has to take care of. When the Guardians argue with him about trying to bail, Kilowog and Salaak say they’ll provide an account of what happened on Hal Jordan’s behalf and urge Hal to go. Hal thanks them and flies off towards Earth.

Carol is impatiently waiting for Hal and he flies down behind her and turns off his ring’s power, telling her he made it. Carol tells him that he’s late, which makes Hal mortified. He sees the plane he was supposed to fly take off and Carol tells him that she found a substitute since he seemed like he had something more important he had to take care of. Hal thanks Carol who tells him to try and keep her updated on when he’ll be out doing his superhero thing. She then tells Hal that he’ll need to explain to her exactly what it’s all about, and Hal says he will, but only over a date, which she accepts. Hal then tells her he’s going to sleep until then.

The next scene opens up to the Guardians declaring that Sinestro is found guilty for crimes against his sector and Sinestro, shamed, simply hangs his head and takes it. The rest of the Green Lanterns solemnly look on as the Guardians declare that he will be banished to the far spaces of the universe, where he can never oppress anyone again. They open up a portal and a few Green Lanterns send Sinestro inside. The next scene shows the Guardians trying to figure out what they want to do with Hal Jordan, and Salaak and Kilowog go on to list all of his bad traits, but then they say he’s good and deserves a shot, even if he is rather unorthodox. The Guardians consider it before telling them that they will see just how good the human can be.

The next scene shows Hal Jordan, obviously at a later date, with the Green Lanterns on a planet. He gives a run down on how they’re going up against stacked odds, and when one of the Lanterns ask what they do then, Hal says they do what they always do: protect the universe. He then goes after his enemies and sends forth a green light at them, making the entire screen become green.


And thus, Hal Jordan is a hero who we can cheer for.

The main credits start to roll in a stylistic fashion, and at the end we get an epilogue. Sinestro is isolated and seems calm, speaking to himself about everything he’s done, how he was the greatest Green Lantern, and how they’ll regret not having him. He then flips out and talks about how they turned their back on him and that he deserves better than this punishment. Just then, a voice tells Sinestro that he’s right, and that he can offer him a chance for revenge. Sinestro looks off screen and calms down slightly, asking him how. The scene then ends with a bright, yellow light shining on Sinestro.

For a synopsis on why I feel like my concept would work, check out the next page.

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