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Every week, I make sure to watch only one program on TV. It isn’t a regular serialized show, but it’s actually WWE Monday Night RAW. Many people consider it a lesser form of entertainment without much depth, but I have to disagree completely. There is much to be said about the story telling elements involved in their storylines (often referred to as male soap operas) and the matches themselves. The people who go out there every week are performers, and they work to improve their craft of wrestling and entertain through a narrative performance. The main draw for WWE is the storyline aspect, and that is usually what the company focuses. There are good guys (known as faces) and bad guys (known as heels), and they general compete against each other in the story. However, fans treat some of the heels as if they are the good guys by cheering them. And that’s something I feel is worth talking about, even if WWE tries to ignore it. (more…)

I take one look at Under The Dome and wonder how it’s become so popular. It isn’t a great show by any means. The acting is pretty mediocre, the script is bad at times, and you find yourself thinking the characters are dumb more often than not. And yet there’s a certain kind of charm to it—the Stephen King kind of charm. And that is what makes it so enjoyable is that the show is just so Stephen King. However, to get maximum enjoyment out of this sci-fi series, you have to put yourself in the perfect mindset and understand exactly how this show is set up. (more…)

Everyone loves Family Guy. At the same time, it seems like everybody hates it. It’s very easy to see both sides, I think. Family Guy is considered a shock comedy show in general, and it has been known to have some pretty bad episodes. However, the shock comedy show is the appeal for many people. Before the shows cancellation, people absolutely loved the show and that love brought it back, but many of the former fans despise it now. Because of this, I think there’s a little bit more to Family Guy’s complete “love it or hate it” mentality with viewers. (more…)